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FOX News
Jan 22, 2010 10:00pm EST
who is turning washington upside down? well you're about to find out from people who know him best. even from the senator elect himself. we are live in wakefield, massachusetts for the next hour. giving you the inside story. we start first, with the senator elect. earlier our own griff jenkins tracked him down. >> reporter: senator brown, congratulations. tell me about your trip to washington. how were you received? >> exciting, humling to be there in walking through halls, now i have an office in a little bit of time. >> reporter: >> reporter: you are 41, very important issue, health care there what can you share with what the other senators spoke to you about with regards to the health care? >> now everybody is the 41st senator it gives the ability for debate to begin again and bring it back to the drawing board. when i was in caucus they had been talking about issues hit been talking about on the campaign trail and they asked me what the pulse is in massachusetts and how it affected my race? the biggest problem, what would you do? i wouldn't raise taxes. i wouldn't cut medicare
FOX News
Jan 24, 2010 3:00pm EST
you know about the man who is turning washington up from people who know him best. even from the senator elect himself. we are live in wakefield, massachusetts for the next hour. giving you the inside story. we start first, with the senator elect. earlier our own griff jenkins tracked him down. >> reporter: senator brown, congratulations. tell me about your trip to washington. how were you received? >> exciting, humling to be there in walking through halls, now i have an office in a little bit of time. >> reporter: >> reporter: you are 41, very important issue, health care there what can you share with what the other senators spoke to you about with regards to the health care? >> now everybody is the 41st senator it gives the ability for debate to begin again and bring it back to the drawing board. when i was in caucus they had been talking about issues hit been talking about on the campaign trail and they asked me what the pulse is in massachusetts and how it affected my race? the biggest problem, what would you do? i wouldn't raise taxes. i wouldn't cut medicare half a tril
FOX News
Jan 24, 2010 2:00pm EST
washington in the wake of scott brown's win, will possible reface his agenda. we'll ask one of his closest advisories, white house press secretary robert gibbs in a "fox news sunday" exclusive. republicans celebrate their victory in massachusetts but have their eye on a bigger prize in november. we handicap gop chances to cut into the democratic majority with john cornyn, chairman of the republican senate campaign committee and obama administration takes aim at wall street again. we'll ask our sunday regular legislators if this new populism is smart politics and good business all right now on "fox news sunday." >>> hello again from fox news in washington. joining us now one of the president's top advisors, without press secretary robert gibbs. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> start with the effort to get ben bernanke a second term as chairman of the federal reserve. do you have the 60 votes needed for confirm mission. >> you saw the statement from judd greg, republican, a chris dodd working to get in a bipartisan fashion to ensure statement stability in the financial system by app
Jan 27, 2010 6:00am EST
want to ask about the president -- the games that washington plays and this is just washington and it's -- there is still talking as if the president is not the head of the government, that almost 60% of americans think. i think it's higher than that. it's terribly dysfunctional. mark halperin, at some point isn't there a disconnect between the president that owns washington, d.c., lock, stock, and barrel and the president that talks about, oh, you people in washington, that's just the way that washington -- you -- every day, they do that every day. oh, you silly washington people. you know, the problem is that the people in washington -- you washington people. >> i think that's a problem and i think there are two related problems. another one, they have played the washington game. they made a back room deal with the pharmaceutical industry. been involved with the dirt of the legislative process, and the other problem is, to some extent you have to play the washington game, and to some extent by turning their noses up at it, they've alienated a lot of washington. that may not be attra
FOX News
Jan 20, 2010 9:00am EST
. martha: scott brown and his supporters are ready to see him go to washington, right now. listen to this. >> [chanting] >> the people, as you know by the votes, have now filled the office themselves and i'm ready to go to washington, without delay. martha: all right, but that will not happen today. there are procedural hurdles that need to be cleared first. massachusetts state law allows ten days to certify the results. that's to make sure there aren't igregularity that is could alter the outcome, among them the certification of absentee ballots from servicemen overseas, as soon as that certification comes in, brown will be sworn in. bill: meantime, some interesting election poll numbers into fox done by telephone, 61 percent of brown voters say the decifit reduction is more important than health care reform, that poll conducted by ras mussence reports and it surveyed about 1000 massachusetts voters who took part in the special senate election. we'll examine those can karl rove in a matter of moments. martha: brown's victory brings the number of republicans in the senate to 41. that's an
Jan 25, 2010 4:30am EST
attack and threatened more terrorism. tara mergener is in washington with details. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, authorities are not sure if that is, in fact, the voice of osama bin laden, but they say the tone is alarming. >> our at that time tacks on you will continue -- >> reporter: in what's believed to be the latest message from osama bin laden, the most wanted man in the world takes some of the credit for the botched christmas day bombing and vows to strike again. the al qaeda leader directly addresses president obama saying the plot was supposed to inflict the same kind of terror as 9/11. he threatens to unleach more attacks if the u.s. does not end its support of israel. >> this is a message for the american people. this is a message that unless you change your foreign policy, we're going continue attacking you. >> this is somebody that has to pop up in our lives over and audiotape because he's nothing but a cowardly murderous thug and terrorist. >> reporter: some analysts are especially troubled by bin laden's language in the latest message. >>
FOX News
Jan 12, 2010 6:00pm EST
american city. all that plus the fox all-stars, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. this is a fox news alert. the drama is building aheald of what was once considered a relatively undramatic special election to fill the open senate seat that late saturdsenator ted kennedy filled for decades. a rasmussen report released an hour ago shows scott brown closing the gap over democrat martha coakley. it was nine points a week ago. brown leans in the democratic leaning public policy poll taken last week, while coakley was up 15 in a recent boston globe survey. correspondent molly l moll moll reports. >> reporter: a once unthinkable political scenario is developing in massachusetts. once considered a virtual lock for the democrat, relatively unknown republican is mounting a serious challenge within striking distance of victory. >> wants to go back to the bush-cheney policy providing for the -- >> you can run against bush-cheney but i'm scott brown. i drive a truck. >> reporter: the candidates squared off in a contentious final debate last night. republican scott brown
FOX News
Jan 18, 2010 6:00pm EST
captioning services, inc >> welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. polls open tomorrow for one of the biggest election in years. it could literally decide the fate of the democrats' healthcare reform legislation. first, a quick update on the rescue efforts in haiti. 70,000 bodies have been recovered so far. a massive relief evident continues today. the united nations officials say 73,000 people received enough food to last a week. the u.n. is calling on more soldiers to keep the peace. u.n. promises to contribute million-and-a-half in emergency aid. and president obama committed $100 million to the effort. we have much more live from haiti in a few minutes. ♪ ♪ >> bret: first up, in a region that loves its sports the massachusetts senate race could be turning into one of those miracle on ice. david versus goliath story. relatively unknown republican could be 24 hours from staging one of the biggest political upsets ever. karl cameron reports on a day before the election that was never supposed to be close. >> greeting the hockey fans, scott brown on the brink of the once unthinkable, winn
FOX News
Jan 19, 2010 6:00pm EST
to roll up her sleeves and go to washington, and get to work. >> democrat martha coakley is fighting to secure the party 60th vote for healthcare reform. >> if you were fired up in the last election, i need you more fired up in this election. > >> bret: with president obama's election in the balance. election coverage from boston. we have reports from our team and expert analysis from steve heys, a.b. stoddard, charles krauthammer and brit hume. "special report" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to boston. i'm bret baier. special elections even for senate seats normally don't get that much attention. even locally. and very little national notice. but this is filled with story lines that go beyond the massachusetts border. we have team coverage. jim angle is in washington with how it affects the healthcare reform. molly line live at coakley headquarters at boston. we begin with the chief political spore on the dent karl cameron from headquarters also in boston. good evening. >> well, the polls close at 8:00 eastern time. you said it, with the exception of presidential election, the
Jan 20, 2010 7:00pm EST
, no more business as usual in washington, d.c. >> you've heard what the speaker said yesterday and what the majority leader said. we are going to find some way to push this over the line. it is that kind of arrogance that has the american people about ready to pull their hair out and throw every democrat out of here. >> the election last night in massachusetts for senator-elect brown was much about an election that rejected arrogance. much like david in his fight against goliath. >> wow. they seem to have their plan down. it is arrogance. arrogance was defeated in massachusetts yesterday. your take on what you learned yesterday, david axelrod. >> what i learned chris, is what i learned to some degree in december 2008 and the two years i travelled with barack obama, middle class people, hard-working people are being squeezed in many different ways and they've seen their jobs disappear. they've seen their wages stagnant, expenses are growing, health care, by the way, has been growing exponentially. and this is enormously aggravating when they look to washington, they look to wall street,
Jan 4, 2010 7:00am EST
. >> looking ate couple of interesting stats about jim zorn's time here, two years with the washington redskins, going 1-20 during those two years. he has tied with steve spurrier for thworst redskin coaching record. that was a minimum of two years. one other thing we want you guys to see, worst pots per game by a redskin coach, that also belongs to jim zorn. the next head coach to come in here with the redskins will be the seventh since dan snyder bought the team in 1999 so consistency has been a big issue here at redskins park. players are expected to be here around 11:00 a.m. hopefully, we'll get reaction from them and a press conference scheduled at 12:30. >> the only thing consistent is the inconsistency. >> that is pretty much it. >>> much more ahead on that big stopper toy. dave ross joins us live in about a half hour. >>> gilbert arenas set to meet with law enforcement officials today about allegedly bring a gun to verizon center. he asked in, quote, batted judgment for bringing guns to the locker room. he and a teammate reportedly drew the guns on each other in a argument over gamblin
Jan 8, 2010 11:00pm EST
washington, seven winchester. through the entire day tonight and tomorrow, a little break on a window on sunday. bitterly cold temperatures will drop 15-21, with the wind chill it will feel like the single digits. we will have cold air all weekend long, into the 20's tomorrow, with the wind chill it will stay in the teens. a lot more on what to expect. eventually, if we wait long enough, comfortable temratures. >>> richard reeve continues team coverage live from northwest with how unbearable it is outside. rich? >> leon, it is unbearable out here. you really need lawyers. check this out, that is the potomac river, under ice. it is cold out here. call it the new ice age. there is ice on the potomac tonight. >> there is? >> right here in d.c. >> i just want to hibernate. >> with temperatures falling into the 20's, just about anything liquid is turning solid. ice water in your veins? >> my neck is warm. >> the only thing is to wear layers. >> i have my hat,y big could. >> this is my favorite hat. the keeps my head warm. >> it is the kind of night where it is warm only indoors. is it warm
FOX News
Jan 15, 2010 6:00pm EST
all-star and the friday lightning round. "special report" starts now. welcome to washington. i'm jim angle in for bret baier. some 10,000 american troops expected in earthquake ravaged haiti by monday as the world mobilizes a mantarian crusade for the living and tries to dig out the dead. correspondent steve harrigan is live in port-au-prince. good evening, steve. >> jim, when all the buildings has been knocked down, use the street for everything, for a home, bathroom and for some it's become a cemetery. we are seeing a rescue operation right here on the side of the road. it's ordinary nations using their own bear hands to try to pull people of the of the rubble. in this case, for this woman, it looks like they've gotten here too late. the basics here still aren't getting done like picking up bodies. a corpse in the road covered with flies. no one has moved the corpse but they set up a number of stones as a roadblock to keep the cars from running over the dead bodies. >> a lot of people are trying to get word to our mother. we're fine. not all of us, but we're fine. we left the house
Jan 4, 2010 3:00pm EST
, everybody, happy new year, tamron. i'm live in washington. >> good to see you. i'm tamron hall live in new york. big picture at this hour, counter-terrorism officials have now added dozens of people onto that terror watch list and no-fly list after reviewing a massive government database of suspected terrorists. more than 500,000 names are currently in the database as nbc news first reported, the government checked thousands of names in the system after the christmas day bombing attempt aboard a detroit-bound northwest airlines jet. attempted bombing suspect umar abdulmutallab was in the data, but key point not on the no-fly list. >>> new rules went into effect for travelers flying to the united states from overseas. all passengers from or traveling through 14 countries considered high-risk are to receive full body patdowns and have their carry-on luggage opened and inspected. let's bring in tom costello. the new rules took into effect today. you were detailing how intense the security was, even yourself patted down head to toe. >> i was coming in from brussels, not on the list of countrie
Jan 23, 2010 7:00am EST
is on the wrong track. 81% say that the u.s. is heading in the wrong direction. this according to a "washington post"/kaiser harvard poll. good morning. good to see you, ed. >> good to see you. >> we have "the washington post" which notes in the '08 election, president obama won decisively among voters. what changed? >> he remains pretty popular with folks who showed up to vote. they have real issues with his health care plan. the meetings and negotiations that were held between the two houses of congress have been closed. there isn't bipartisanship and a lot of concern about cost. this in a state which has essentially a universal health care plan. they have big issues with how washington is handling the current health care debate. >> voters said their top issues were health care reform. the efforts in washington. the economy, the jobs, and the way washington is working. it was among the top things on the list they weren't happy with. washington workings, why don't they like it? >> i think for all of the reasons i've seen. they play out in the last few months. again, you can't get a deal done.
Jan 27, 2010 8:00pm EST
, and then if you look at the deficits, there is not the courage in washington we saw yesterday in the senate vote on the commission, as we see in the president's own freeze, which has been derided by democrats, as well as republicans, he's freezing domestic discretionary spending at a level 20% above what he inherited, so you know, if you look at it, campbell, on the domestic side, i think these are very real danger here, that his program, his domestic program is dead on arrival before he speaks. i think that challenge for him tonight is to revive people's belief in him, that he can actually deliver as a leader. >> and candy, do they get that at the white house? i mean do they feel the same way? >> sure. >> the pressure is that intense? >> oh, the pressure is intense. there's absolutely no doubt about that but let's remember, he's one quarter through his administration, so i don't think we can kiss it off quite yet, and let's also remember that the story can change. you know, there was 9/11. it totally changed george bush's administration. things can happen. david is not wrong. it is just a horri
Jan 26, 2010 7:00pm EST
of our pollsters put it, the message is "we hate what's going on in washington. chuck todd joins us at the top of the show. >>> plus, i love this story -- watergate, federal marshals have arrested a group of conservative activists in new orleans for allegedly attempting to wiretap the offices of democratic senator mary landrieu. the leader of those arrested, james o'keefe was the same conservative activist who became a right-wing hero for posing as a pimp at various a.c.o.r.n. offices. he together with three others were taken into custody after being caught trying to bug the offices of senator landrieu, a moderate democratic lawmaker. they had represented themselves as telephone repairmen. is this the equivalent of a third rate burglary or the start of something big? >>> also, how vulnerable is senator john mccain to a challenge from the right. former congressman and radio talk show host j.d. hayworth calls mccain a moderate and is going for his seat. he'll be here on "hardball." >>> john mccain isn't the only republican in trouble. will the thunder on the right that's already knock
Jan 27, 2010 9:00am EST
for washington. what will the president say tonight to turn it around? it's january 27th, 2007. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. we'll start at the white house. the president doing thiwhat he often does before a big speech. staying up work to late on it. >> we know this is going to be about 60 minutes long with applause. expected to be heavy on economic themes. all about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> one of the speeches that they drew from was a speech he gave in april of 2009. that speech that was actually widely praised on how he laid out sort of his economic program. and i think that this is almost, by using that speech, it's a tacit acknowledgement that they didn't spend enough time telling the american people their store about the economy. and i think that's what they viewed tonight as an opportunity. >> which brings us to our next topic, health care. we're told it's going to be a strong pitch for health care, but what it won't do is lay out the way forward. why? because they frankly don't know. >> and then there will be the tone of this thing. which probably will get overanalyzed. i thi
Jan 4, 2010 1:00pm EST
. and now facing multiple terror investigations back here in washington. so, what went wrong? who will be held accountable, if anyone? >>> and just moments ago, secretary of state hillary clinton with her first comments about the aborted christmas day airplane bombing and the threat in yemen. >> the situation in yemen is a top concern. how can we work together and with others to stabilize yemen, assist in securing its borders and providing for its people in combatting al qaeda. the instability in yemen is a threat to regional stability, and even global stability. >>> the fallout for air travelers. new rules, new delays. and a false alarm at newark international caused them grief overnight. >>> this hour homeland security and intelligence expert congresswoman jain harman, plus eleanor hill, the staff director from the 9/11 investigation. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams and nbc terrorism analyst michael sheehan and roger cressey. and counter terror chief john brennan takes on criticism from former vice president dick cheney. >> i'm very disappointed in the vice presiden
Jan 1, 2010 6:00am EST
in for steve chenevey this hour. live shot of downtown washington. happy new year to you. happy new year to you as well. >> you too. >> and to tucker barnes. >> tucker celebrated for the both of us last night. >> which i can't believe. >> i was up late. >> he thinks' still 30. >> i am still 30. >> i know we all kind of je about making new year's resolutions but it is, whether it is literally or figuratively, sort of a way to put the past behind you and move on. >> it is. move on and hope for better things. >> so we'll move on from that recent weather we had around here yesterday and we're featuring a little sunshine today. >> that will be great. >>then after thatwe won't want to talk about the weekend. but for today, thins look great. well,hings look better. 34t reagan national. some fog to the west and south of washington. we have a dense fog advisory for much of central and southern virginia just to let you know that. out to the west, gurvir reported a little fog on her ride in. >> a lot. >> and there is the possibility of refreezing on some of those surfaces. we have had rain, snow and sleet
Jan 19, 2010 9:00pm EST
as a polling call for this election. it originated from a washington, d.c., area code. they repeatedly tried calling the phone number today, identified as the source of that b bamboozling call. there have been sporadic reports of ballot irregularities today. a handful of voters report being given ballots already filled in. yes, it has been a weird day here in massachusetts. and honestly, a weird culmination to a really important senate race. as is usually the case in special elections, voter turnout is the key tonight. the high voter turnout, especially in urban areas would benefit martha coakley. the turnout in boston appeared to be high earlier in the day. tonight then, a democratic operative told the washington post "boston turned out numbers not good for coakley." but as much of these things often are, before we get the hard numbers, there was conflicting information. the secretary of state's office released information saying the actual turnout numbers in boston as of 3:00 p.m. were roughly on par for the 2006 election. that's a big deal, because in 2006 that was a real election. not th
Jan 22, 2010 5:00pm EST
the massachusetts election people in washington were all in a tizzy. trying to figure out what this means for health reform. republicans and democrats. what does it mean for obama. is he weakened, is he -- how is he going to survive this. but i want you to understand, this is not about me. [ applause ] this is not about me. this is about you. i know there are some folks who think, you know, if obama loses, we win. but you know what? i think that i win when you win. >> wow. chuck todd, let me ask you about that. this president is an incumbent president, runs the government, heads the state. he is now acting like he's running for president. can he turn around and ride that surf board of public anger in the direction he wants to go? or is he simply back pedaling if he gets on there and has to pretend he's a critic of government when in fact he's leading it? will it work, will it be good politics, but more importantly will it work? will it get done by posturing as a critic of the way things are? >> well, look, it's clear what they decided they believe the message out of tuesday was
Jan 21, 2010 10:00am EST
in "the washington post." he plans to propose new limits on the size and investments of large banks, according to a senior administration official of the white house, to refrain the financial reform agenda as an effort to rein in the companies largely to blame in the crisis. we will now take you to the floor of the house of representatives. three indian water rights measures on their docket today. live coverage begins momentarily. guest[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father coughlin. chaplain coughlin: almighty god , true humility will not automatically come to us when we choose to bow our heads in prayer or when we acknowled
Jan 20, 2010 8:00pm EST
and what many independents believe is the same old poisonous washington. and scott brown tapded into that. and if was hesitation to run against obama on health care and the economy, and campbell, terrorism was used by the republican candidate. he himself is in the national guard. the christmas day incident was a turning point in the race, and his opponent, too soft. you would get him a lawyer and let him be tried in the american courts. not a lot to talk about that. >> sump a reminder to people. stand by. we are going to remind you where we were one year ago today. president obama sworn into office. take a look. hundreds of thousands witnesses this historic moment. promise, change, flash forward to last night. another candidate claiming the change. and a republican. today, barack obama represents a status quo. quite a turn around. he has many supporters wondering if he lost some of the magic and turned his campaign into a cause. can he get it back? that was the big question when we come back. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he re
FOX News
Jan 20, 2010 6:00pm EST
>> bret: next on "special report," the bay state backlash felt all the way to washington. winner scott brown talks about what he'll do as the 41st republican senator. healthcare reform in disarray. the white house and congressional democrats try to deal with the new political reality on capitol hill. lawmakers rip the administration terrorism policy following last month's attempted airliner bombing. we look at the changing political landscape one year after the inauguration of president obama. all that, plus brit hume's analysis and the fox all stars right here, right now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the man whose election has rocked the democratic party and jeopardized the president's healthcare reform agenda will come to washington thursday. republican scott brown's victory tuesday in a special senate election is being seen as a rebuke of the democratically controlled congress and the new administration. we have fox team coverage tonight. jim angle has details on what brown's win does to healthcare reform. and we begin with chief political correspond
FOX News
Jan 22, 2010 6:00pm EST
by. fed chairman ben bernanke. but much of washington is bailing on the country's top banker. a senate vote is coming down to the wire to determine whether he keeps his job. president obama hits the campaign trail. trying to sell a new jobs initiative and limit his mounting political losses. a prominent democrat puts another nail in the coffin of healthcare reform legislation suggesting a time-out. a year after the president promised to shut it down by today, why is the guantanamo prison still open? all that, plus the fax all-stars and the friday lightning round, right here, right now. ♪ ♪ welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. while president obama talked jobs in ohio, one job in particular is apparently very much in question tonight. the one held by federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. the ticking clock may be winding down on bernanke's days at the helm and there is a very fluid situation right now in congress. fox business network correspondent peter barnes has a developing story that, peter, really could affect the markets. >> and our pocketbooks, bret. we have been
FOX News
Jan 25, 2010 10:00pm EST
in trouble for the midterm elections? karl rove joins us here in washington. midterm elections just around the conferencer, i suppose that was a rude awakening for some in massachusetts? >> absolutely. midterm elects critical moments are happening now as the republicans scramble to get candidates for congress and senate. this has given them a big boost in the arm. as democrats attempt to keep their members running for reelection it has obviously hurt. defection of a senior democrat first elected '92 in the house from arkansas pulling the rip cord and bailing out marion barry? >> greta: why? >> there are 49 democrats in the house of representatives, who represent seats carried by bush and mccain, 48 were carried by bush and mccain all three times. his district was 59% for mccain up from 54. a district in the northeast corner of arkansas, main cities jonesboro, a little from little rock down to the southwestern part of the district the northwest historically republican ozark country but it is a republican district here had you one of the more partisan members of the house who had been a rela
FOX News
Jan 13, 2010 6:00pm EST
-stars, right here, right now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. death is everywhere in port-au-prince, haiti, tonight. the capital city was virtually at ground zero of the most powerful earthquake to hit the area in almost 250 years. estimate of the dead range from tens of thousands to to 100,000. many more are homeless, hungry and hurting. we begin our coverage with the white house correspondent wendell goler live in dominican republic. >> good evening. we believe the air force managed to evacuate a plane load of injured presumably for treatment of hospital. but the dark has fallen and that may be the only plane that t flies out of port-au-prince today. recovery and relief efforts are largely uncoordinated. several main hospitals, the doctors without borders declared inoperable. medical care provided by cuban med center and hotels now. government of haiti was affected by the earthquake. parliament and presidential palace and the u.n. mission. some of the people who would have led the recovery efforts are simply not available. reports indicate that rescuers are working with
Jan 19, 2010 6:00pm EST
about destroying barack obama and change in washington. massachusetts, we're headed in the right direction with president obama's agenda. it is a heavy lift. but that doesn't mean we quit now. would ted kennedy quit? we can do this. all scott brown will do is take this country in the wrong direction again. you want to go back to bush-cheney? i am amazed. i can't believe independent voters -- i've been asking myself for the last several days, on the radio show as well, what has this candidate done to garnish all of this good will in the polls from independent voters when he is a top 2% kind of guy? he's not a wall street regulator. he's an anti-labor guy. middle-classers in massachusetts, what has barack obama done to have you turn against him in the 11th hour when we're trying to get something revolutionary done in washington? tell bhme what you think in our telephone survey tonight. dial 1-877-ed-msnbc. my question tonight is, do you think today's special election in massachusetts is a referendum on president obama? press "1" for yes, press "2" for no and i'll bring you the resu
Jan 27, 2010 7:00pm EST
thing seem in washington and they want to know aside from government programs, to get the economy moving, i'm going to listen very carefully about the small businesses. so many are ready to grow but can't get credit. we've got to figure out a way to figure out how to get through the rough patch and begin jobs. >> let me ask you about health care before we get on to jobs again. it seems to me that the president and his people have failed to get republicans to join the democrats in getting through something like a centerist health care plan. three are afraid to join you without ten. they want the cover of a large group. they want safety in large numbers. what can he possibly do in the next couple of weeks to get the republicans to join him in numbers so they can get the core of his health care plan enacted? >> i think he needs to expose to a lot more republicans about what is going on. most people in american think that they've been shut out of the process. there were hundreds of american amendments in the bills that we considered but americans thought that they had been shut out of the pr
Jan 29, 2010 7:00pm EST
"hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, obama visits the elephant house. president obama met with house republicans today in an extraordinary confrontation. carried live here on msnbc. it was an event the likes of which we have never seen. never seen ever, akin to the prime minister's question time over in great britain. the president took the republicans' questions up in baltimore and he did it with passion, precision and expertise. it reminded a lot of people why they voted for the guy in the first place. was history made today? a new precedent for, maybe just breaking the political gridlock in this city. >>> don't ask, don't tell, will that policy finally be changed? a man from pennsylvania has a unique experience of being a congressman and former navy admiral. he'll say why it's time to go. >>> we start with president obama and the remarkable meeting with house republicans up in baltimore. here's the president at the beginning of that event today. talking about the tone of washington, and specifically, the big fight over health care. he began by
FOX News
Jan 30, 2010 4:00pm EST
the trials just blocks from ground zero. molly henneberg is following the story live in washington. molly, both republicans and democrats spoke out about the idea, what are they saying. >> molly: that would lead to a security and traffic nightmare and cost over one billion dollars to try the five al-qaeda terrorists including the 9/11 mastermind in manhattan. they want the obama administration to change course. lisfen to this. >> they don't have any idea of the impact or security implications but they made such a decision, it was driven by ideology. now it's blowing up in their faces. >> we are just elated that our concerns are being considered by the president and the federal government. >> molly: the obama administration has not said definitely that the trials will be moved, just that officials are, quote, considering options. >> gregg: what does the administration do now. >> molly: even now they are trying to figure a way to pay for the extra security. a senior source tells fox there may be a line in the president's budget proposing $200 million to help pay for increased security for w
Jan 2, 2010 8:00am EST
, and that health care bill needs reconciling as the president returns to washington the glow of vacation will quickly fade. >>> osama bin laden has company. a group of influential muslim clerics is revving up young people on the internet and preparing this emfor violence. our expert identifies the most dangerous. >>> baby steps. now, you actually have to start fulfilling those 2010 resolutions and maybe pledge to go run a marathon a day not the best way to do it. we'll tell you how to turn those hopes in to real life progress. >>> and think before you leap. this man for some reason thought it was a good idea to watch into a frozen pond. hopefully that's the worst decision he'll make in the new year nap he just one of the stories under the radar early this saturday morning, january 2nd, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "the early show" here on a saturday morning. happy new year. my new year's resolution not to jump on any half frozen lakes half dressed. i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm debbye turner bell. the president's full plate. mr. obama faces several import
Jan 3, 2010 9:00am EST
in washington, is going to be meeting in the situation room and, perhaps, it was a result of that renewed scrutiny. of course the president did reveal that detail that we have learned since the thwarted attack, that al qaeda in yemen played a very large role in it. perhaps that was part of the upshot, some of the new information we're learning. >> what's the key in terms of this tuesday meeting that president obama has called for at the white house when he returns from vacation? what specifically is he asking from all of his intelligence agency heads on this? >> this information that he shared with the american people yesterday, that al qaeda on the arabian peninsula had a hand in this thwarted attack, wants to know why intelligence agencies didn't share that information with each other? after all, it was the 9/11 commission that is responsible, their recommendations, for forming many of these very same agencies, they were supposed to share this information. this was the problem prior to 9/11 and apparently it still lingers in the u.s. government, david. >> nbc's mike viqueira at the whit
Jan 5, 2010 11:00pm EST
. >>> with new revelations about and interview with an actual member of the secretive washington, d.c., religious outfit the family, ladies and gentlemen, here is rachel maddow. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, keith. thanks very much for that. and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. indeed, tonight we are doing something on this show we've been waiting to do for a very, very long time. after months of us covering c street and the secretive religious organization as the family that runs c street, the secretive religious group with ties to many well known politicians, finally, a member of the family has finally agreed to come on this show to talk about it. his name is bob hunter and here's your spoiler alert. the reason he has decided to be here is not because he's been all that happy with our reporting on this show. i'm very, very much looking forward to the opportunity to talk to bob hunter. that is the interview tonight coming up in just a moment. we'll also be reporting on the republican quest to bring the bad old days of the bush administration's anti-terror pol
Jan 19, 2010 11:00pm EST
washington correspondent norah o'donnell. set the scene for us there. >> reporter: well, rachel, there is a strong independent streak that is running through this country. we saw it certainly in virginia, new jersey and now in massachusetts. and scott brown ran as an independent even though he was on the republican ticket. did he not advertise that he was a republican. and you have to acknowledge this was a very compressed election schedule because scott brown in many ways came out of nowhere and the coakley campaign did not do a good job of defining the issues early on. scott brown, the senator-elect, said tonight, tonight the independent majority has delivered a great victory. he also said, this is the people's seat. and that's what caused this crowd to erupt. he also said, we can do better. and that's a message, a winning message whether you're a democrat or republican, we can do better that may resonate. i say that based on what chuck reported tonight, the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. there is a sense of dissatisfaction with washington and scott brown managed to ride
Jan 20, 2010 11:00pm EST
as usual in washington, d.c. the american people have spoken. the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. >> people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of -- just like the people of new york 23 spoke for the rest of america when they put a democrat in that house seat for the first time since the civil war, right? remember how that was for all of america, back in november? yeah. extrapolation fail. democratic congressman barney frank made headlines last night with a statement that essentially declared health care reform dead in the wake of scott brown's election win in massachusetts. today, congressman frank reversed himself, saying, "i have realized that my statement last night was more pessimistic than is called for. i was reacting, perhaps overreacting, to proposals i had heard from a variety of sources that we do things to facilitate the passage of a health care bill that would have sought in the short-term to neutralize yesterday's election. i continue to believe that it will be difficult to get the senate bill passed in the house as-is without a commitm
Jan 21, 2010 8:00pm EST
washington post" reporter bob woodward to follow the money he was urging him to track the financing of burglars who had broken into the democratic party's national committee offices at the watergate complex. the political money was in total a couple million dollars. what was unleashed today could easily be billions. later, my special comment on the opening of pandora's box by the supreme court. we begin with the latest details, the court today overturning two earlier decisions and throwing out parts of a law that has been on the books for 63 years which said companies and unions can be prohibited from using money from general treasuries to produce and run their own campaign ads. writing for the majority justice kennedy declaring the restrictions censorship, saying that without today's ruling congress could also ban corporations from publishing political books or from posting their opinions on the internet or from releasing films like "hillary the movie" a clinton-bashing self-proclaimed documentary at the heart of the case. last year the federal election commission having blocked it
Jan 24, 2010 10:00am EST
that the popular anger is sweeping and taking root of washington. many top democrats like jeff merckly in oregon and barbara boxer in california have tough re-election fights this year. they're saying they're going to vote no against ben bernanke, the president a's choice for a second term when he needs to be confirmed at the end of this month. the president was talking to key senators yesterday on the phone. they say they're confident ben bernanke will be confirmed. but this was this morning on "meet the press" -- >> will you vote for him as head of the fed? >> he's going to have bipartisan support in the senate. >> will you vote for him? >> he'll have bipartisan support. >> are you concerned? >> i think he is going to be confirmed. >> do you have concerns about his renomination? spl some might have members do but i think he is going to be confirmed. >> there you go. mish mcconnell not even committing to whether he himself will vote for him. but he's saying, don't worry, wall street and america, ben bernanke is going to be confirmed. it is going to be a tough year to try to get anything done be
Jan 31, 2010 9:00am EST
are and the travel forecast head over to >>> let's go to washington now and the newest efforts to fight the growing federal deficit. tomorrow, president obama will send his proposed 2011 budget to congress. the white house says its budget will save $20 billion next year. even though "the new york times" says the spending plan increases funding for education, research programs and struggling states. nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house. with a good sunday morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> talk about which programs, mike, are on the chopping block and which ones are getting a boost? >> i think the president's going to achieve a measure of bipartisanship when he submits his budget stoerm. there's something in here for democrats and republicans to really dislike. they can join together in that regard, alex. the white house is trying to emphasize the cost-cutting measure, the trims that they're going to make in this budget. it is a $3.8 trillion budget. it's up $200 billion from last year. the white house let it be known yesterday that some 120 programs tucked away in the vast f
Jan 23, 2010 9:00am EST
in northwest washington. 31, dulles airport. 32, upper montgomery. 29, panhandle of west virginia forecast today, pretty doggone nice. high temperatures, low to mid-40s. enjoy the sunshine today. the rain comes back tomorrow. could get one to two inches of rain. i'll talk about that and give you the seven-day graft coming up in a few more minutes. >> at least it is not ice, right, chuck? >> that's correct. >> thank you. >>> a major overnight development in haiti to tell you about. the country's government now says the search for survivors is officially over. the u.n. says 132 people were pulled from the rubbl alive. more than a week after the quake, the hope is fading that more miracles are awaiting. nbc's ron allen reports. >> reporter: when 24 hours have passed without a successful rescue, that's why search and rescue operations here all but ended. some people still remained determined. a 22-year-old man and an 84-year-old woman were pulled from the rubble. both are critically ill. their chances of survival are not clear. >> they survived. i don't ca. they survived. >> reporter: the airp
FOX News
Jan 26, 2010 10:00pm EST
in washington until 11 p.m.. next, the tape does not lie. what did candidate obama say about spending freezes? hustling your vote or legitimate change of circumstances? decide in two minutes. jon stewart, we have the video. i never as a woman thought i'd get a heart attack. just, out of the blue at 43. now i'm on an aspirin regimen because it helps me live the life i want to live. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it's not a big deal to go to your doctor. it is a big deal to have a heart attack. it's not a big deal to go to your doctor. what if you could capture the fresh taste of broccoli in a luscious soup? v8 garden broccoli. from campbell's. velvety, delicious. campbell's v8 soups. also, try new garden vegetable blend. >> greta: president obama wants a spending freeze. what did candidate obama think? >> problem with the spending freeze you are using a hatchet where you need a scalpel. there are some programs that are very important that are under funded. it is important for the president to set a tone that says all of us are gonna contr
FOX News
Jan 13, 2010 4:00pm EST
. first from washington to the white house and huddle. no sooner had the president addressed the nation on helping haiti then he was behind closed doors helping democrats save healthcare. tonight the first indications who is being saved and let's say they're friends of the president. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. chalk one up for the unions. not fans of the cadillac healthcare tax that create the friction. nancy pelosi pushing hard to exempt them and the president may be ready to crack indians are poised to walk scot-free on paying anything at all. former vice president is ticked off now because dan quayle is here and only here now. joining me i'm happy to say, former vice president of these united states, dan quayle. >> good to see you. >> neil: you always have a day where you have a crisis and a few miles away from our shores and then the crisis domestically. that's when you test presidential leadership. >> is shows how many things the president has to do in a day. and he gets up in the morning and he says here's my schedule. here's the agenda and guess what, the agenda is shaped by event
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